A merger proposal

Motivation The symphony on the other hand, was a week orchestra with no flexibility.

A merger proposal

These very short articles are all about cancelled sporting events and the little content they have can be added into their respective target articles. The hill was part of Minute Maid park when consensus determined its' article should be merged back into the park's article back in A user recreated a new article for the hill ina year after the hill was removed, but now opposes merger.

Under The Ice into Bering Sea Goldunlisted discussion fromdiscussion was result from a page move request in Merge tags existed from the start of the merge request in Duplicate topic; accidental WP: The content that Pedo- is largely better and better-sourcedbut the structure at Ped- may be a better arrangement.

This seems like an obvious case, but I opened it for discussion anyway. The list of routes does not seem long enough to justify a separate article. Heck, the "Retired fleet" list in the main article looks longer.

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Almost every entry in the villains article already exists in the target article. They seem to be about the same place. The hoax did not seem to have any prolonged effects and there is already section in the zoo article that covers it.

Jo-Jo Eumerus talkcontributions Balayogi Athletic Stadium into Gachibowli Athletic Stadium since the latter's article was made first, and both coordinates point to the same stadium. Both stadiums opened in also.

The song was made solely for the franchise and no evidence of independent notability.

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The former is redundant and counter-productive to have split out, since some material in it applies to lists generally. This man's only notable life event was that he was the wireless operator aboard the Californian when it did nothing the night Titanic sank and unlike the captain, was not heavily criticized afterwards or suffered long-term consequences.

His article has hardly any references and most of the content already exists in the ship's article anyway. His death article is rather short, contains excessive unneeded trivial information, and the main article already has a section about his death. The articles are about a building, and a part of that building.

Both articles are short, contained a lot of duplication pre-cleanup, and make more sense on the same page. A merge of these articles was carried out previously but reverted: Neither article is very long and the attack article contains a lot of unneeded details about the incident and the few needed information can be added to the hospital attack.

Only input favors merge. Originator or other interested editor should proceed with the work. I'm new to this, so maybe somebody can help Germartin1 talk These appear to be about the same institution in Kabwe, Zambia of which I know nothing.

The full title appears to be Kwame Nkrumah University so I would suggest that a knowledgeable person merges the former to the latter. Key lock to Lock security device. The history sections are almost the same, and the discussions of different types of locks and keys for those locks are parallel.

Ground nuts are peanuts. The race never happened and the main article already explains why. She sadly did not really do anything outside the bad before her untimely death, never released her own singles or albums or had any other professions.

The Legendary JourneysPromises Hercules: The Legendary Journeys into List of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys episodes.

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These episode articles have just plot summary and trivia with no reliable references since their creation. Many other episode articles for this series were merged to the list article recently, so the same should be done for these four.Draft Merger Agreement.

You may wonder why we are announcing in July a merger that won’t take effect until January The simple reason is that the process to announce this proposal, provide for the day clock required by: WSCFC’s bylaws before voting can start, and ample time to tally votes cast, will take several months. Not done Stale proposal ( days) with no opposition, but no indication that merger will occur.

GenQuest "Talk to Me" , 23 June (UTC) This is an obvious candidate for a . Utah Symphony and Utah Opera: A Merger Proposal The Utah Symphony (USO) and the Utah Opera (UOC) Merger was a union that was brought forth by the leadership committee at the USO in Salt Lake City.

A merger proposal

The proposal was an opportunity to strengthen a struggling symphony with a financially sound opera company. Not done Stale proposal ( days) with no opposition, but no indication that merger will occur. GenQuest "Talk to Me" , 23 June (UTC) This is an obvious candidate for a bold merge.

The symphony on the other hand, was a week orchestra with no flexibility. ” The merger may devastate the financial stability that Utah Opera currently enjoys. With the current financial state of the Utah Symphony, very close to being in a deficit situation, the merger will bring about a reallocation of funding from Utah Opera.

Jun 04,  · How to Write an Acquisition Proposal. In this Article: Finding Acquisition Candidates Drafting the Acquisition Proposal Understanding Acquisitions Community Q&A.

An acquisition occurs when one company takes over another company and becomes the new owner%(18).

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