Adolescence is a time for shaking off responsibility

Thus it is difficult to determine why this may be happening. Whether these acts of emotional tension and drama take the form of crying or unexplainable acts of aggression depends on the individual.

Adolescence is a time for shaking off responsibility

This applies not only to the grown-ups who are associated with young people, but also to the adolescent himself. Mental health at any age is based on respect for oneself, out of which emerges a real and healthy regard for the needs and demands of social living.

From this time until adolescence, the child is relatively stable in this definition of himself. Changes in the personality do occur, of course, but the self in relation to others has at least been defined. In all life experience, there is the possibility of constructive growth; however, changes of a destructive nature are possible too, and even a healthy beginning in the first five years can be sorely tried by unhealthy experiences in later life.

When the individual reaches the period of adolescence, he has established some working relationship with himself and others, based on a more or less healthy concept of himself. At this time, however, a host of changes occur which subject this concept to marked strain.

Adolescence is a time for shaking off responsibility

There are changes in his relationship to himself and also in his relationships with other people. These do not go on independently, but each participates in a mutual relationship with the result that the character structure is strengthened or weakened.

One of the difficulties we have in defining the onset of processes which go on in the adolescent period is precisely the basis for one of the problems faced by the adolescent himself. The changes, individually and as a group, are erratic.

Bosom-companions bid each other good-bye before the summer vacation, exchange rides on their bicycles, and discuss the toys they will take to the country.

Then, in the fall, Johnny rushes to meet Steve, only to find a boy a head taller than he, with a husky voice, and a strange alteration on his face. The few short months have wrought tremendous physical and emotional changes in one boy, and few or no changes in the other. It would be difficult enough if a child had to deal only with the changes in his anatomy and physiology, or even with the rapidity of these changes.

But the problem is complicated by the fact that these changes are so irregular, from individual to individual, and from one organic system to another within the same individual.

Some children begin the changes of adolescence at ten, and by twelve, have undergone most of the structural changes which will occur; others begin at the same time, but the development will take longer; still others begin much later, and take the same fast or slow pace as those who began earlier.

To further complicate the problems of the child, as well as of his parents, some children show a rapid and complete growth of muscle pattern and strength, and a retarded development of sex characteristics, for example. Because of the variability in this growth curve, it is easy to see that even a quite healthy character structure undergoes some strain.

The three categories into which the problems of the adolescent may be placed: Second, he must make some working arrangement with other adolescents, many of whom have undergone different changes from his, or who have not changed at all. Third, he must deal with his parents, who are often as bewildered as he by the changes they are observing.

By the time he reaches adolescence, the child has begun to recognize and even to make some consolidation of his position in the group. He knows what love and what hostility he can expect from the world.With this outlook, at the time when the ferment of adolescence is shaking the foundations of her self-identification, it is possible that she may repress all feminine .

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