Boserup thesis geography

Classical political economists, and Malthus and Ricardo in particular, developed in the early stages of the demographic transition in Europe a macroeconomic theory of the relations between population growth and agriculture.

Boserup thesis geography

Boserup thesis geography

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Giovanni Federico's review of The conditions of agricultural growth: the economics of agrarian change under population pressure by Ester Boserup.

A postulate by Danish economist Ester Boserup that agricultural methods depend on the size of the population. The larger the world population grows, the more innovations are made to make feeding the expanding population possible. Boserup described this change as ‘agricultural intensification’. For example, a farmer who has four fields to produce food for his family might grow crops in three of the fields, but leave the fourth field empty as the ground is dry and his crop will not grow there. Boserup's theory also posited that farmers will change their approach to farming if the population increases and more food is needed, thus making the food supply dependent on human innovation, rather than humans dependent on the food supply.

Agricultural change theory by G.D. Stone, including a section on Boserup. Boserup's Theory of population is contrasted with Malthus' Theory. Malthus believes that population growth will be eventually too fast for food production to catch up. Boserup believes that when greater food production is needed, humans will find a way either through intensifying land use or .

Boserup thesis geography

Sub-Saharan Africa suffers from some serious environmental problems, including deforestation, soil erosion, desertification, wetland degradation, and insect infestation. Efforts to deal with these problems, however, have been handicapped by a real failure to understand their nature and possible.

Noel Castree, Rob Kitchin, and Alisdair Rogers

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Boserup thesis Source: A Dictionary of Human Geography Author(s): Noel Castree, Rob Kitchin, Alisdair Rogers. An argument advanced by Danish economist Ester Boserup (–99), that population pressure drives change in agricultural practices, such that growing.

A postulate by Danish economist Ester Boserup that agricultural methods depend on the size of the population. The larger the world population grows, the more innovations are made to make feeding the expanding population possible.

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