Effect of early marriage essay

Widtsoe, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, debunked the more-women-than-men myth, but many members continue to use it. Plural marriage has been a subject of wide and frequent comment. Members of the Church unfamiliar with its history, and many non-members, have set up fallacious reasons for the origin of this system of marriage among the Latter-day Saints.

Effect of early marriage essay

Effect of early marriage essay

The incidence rates of child marriage have been falling in most parts of the world. We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of Early girl child marriage or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER As many as 1 in 3 girls in developing areas of the world are married before reaching the age of 18 and in estimated 1 in 9 girls in developing countries are married by age of One of the most common causes of death for girls 15 to 19 in developing countries was pregnancy and child birth comparing these statistical facts to rate of early marriage in Nigeria, shows that the practice is not as rampant there, as other parts of Africa and the world that practice it in Nigeria, it still takes place in some pats of the country especially the Northern parts and this according to survey is still one of the major factors feeling poverty in Nigeria.

In early child marriage, a girl child is being pressured or sometimes forced into marriage. Child marriages are viewed within a context of force and coercion, involving pressure and emotional blackmail, and children that lack the choice or capacity to give their full consent Osward L.

This seminar paper aims at study a topic which is seen as a social problem in contemporary Nigeria Society. In the course of study. We will try to expantiate on the historical background of early child marriage, causes, effects and recommendations which will positively help in the reduction of early child marriage rate in Nigeria.

While child marriage affects both sexes, girls are disproportionately affected as they are the majority of the victims. Child marriage is now widely recognized as a result of the practice the child bride is often deprived of her basic right to health, education, development and equality.

Tradition, religion and poverty continue to fuel the practice of child marriage, despite its strong association with adverse reproductive health outcomes and the lack of education of girls. With the advent of 20th century, the practice began to be questioned, discouraged by a majority but not all governments and child marriage practice has been declining across the world.

In Greece, early wedding and early motherhood for girls was encouraged nancy demand In ancient Rome girls married above the age In the middle ages, under English civil laws that was derived from Roman laws, marriage before the age 16 were common, in imperial child marriage was the norm, according to Zhaoiz Most religions, over history influenced the marriageable age, for example Christian ecelestiastical law forbade marriage of a girl before the age of 10, because sharia law is based in part on the life and practices of muhammed the prophet.

This report is based on data that was derived from a small sample survey between and In morocco, child marriage is a common practice, inNigeria attempted to change section 29, subsection on 4 of its laws and thereby prohibit child marriages.

Christianity and Islam are practiced by roughly equal percentage of its population respectively and the country continues with personal laws from its British Colonial era laws, where child marriages are forbidden for its Christians and allowed for its Muslims.

In West Africa, as a whole a recent UNICEF study shows that economic hardship is encouraging a rise in early marriage, even among some population groups that do not normally practice it. Men are postponing marriage because of lack of resources, and parents have become anxious about the danger of their daughters becoming pregnant outside marriage.

Thus any early opportunity for marriage may be seized upon pressures from child-related social stress such as increasing child slavery and trafficking, rising numbers of children on the streets, very young prostitutes and labourers, and high levels of child neglect ad abandonment, are believed to have put early child marriage on the rise.

Families in refugee camps in Burundi, for example, protect their honour by marrying their daughters off as early as possible. Reports from Irag indicate that early marriage is rising there in response to poverty inflicted by the post- Gulf war, sanctions, and in Afghaqnistan, war and militarization have led to an increased number of forced marriage of young girls.

Other pressure can promote early marriage in societies understress. Fear of HIV infection, for example, has encouraged men in some African contries to seek youg virgin, and therefore uninfected partners.

Parents may genuinegly feel that their daughters will be better off and safer with a regular male guardian. One important impetus for marrying girls at an early age is that it helps prevent premarital sex. One thing is clear, the impact or effect of early girl child marriage is under ranging.

Within a rights perspective, three key aspects are:? The denial of childhood and adolescence. The curtailment of personal freedom and the lack of opportunity to develop a full sense of selfhood as well as the denial of psychosocial and emotional well-being, reproductive health and educational opportunity.

Early marriage also has implications for the well-being of families, and for society as a whole, where girls are uneducated and ill-prepared for their roles as mothers and contributors to the society. The next few paragraphs will give a more inndepth insight into same of the effects.

Most girls who are unhappy in an imposed marriage are very isolated. They have nobody to talk to as they are surrounded by people who endorse their situation.

In Ethiopia, inter-African committee researches were struck by the lack of interest from elders in the traumas suffered by young girls as a result of early marriages, premature sex and child bearing. Distress is generally endured in silence.Welcome to leslutinsduphoenix.com!

The site is aimed at people who are learning English and taking the IELTS or TOEFL exams in writing or speaking. Learn about IELTS essay writing here! Eliot, Austen, and Brontë were all writing against a climate in which female intellect tended to be either denied or ridiculed, and the “happy” endings, the good marriages, that we see in.

Verb. They've attempted a climb up Mount Everest once before. She attempted suicide early in their marriage.. Noun. She failed her driving test on the first attempt but she succeeded on her second attempt.

Her attempt at a home-cooked meal consisted of frozen fish sticks and a can of soup. Civil Rights Argumentative Essay About Same Sex Marriage.

This Argumentative essay will discuss the argument of same sex marriage. The contents are: meaning, brief background and thesis statement for the Introduction; for the Body of the discussion is the counter argument; and for the conclusion part: the summary and the restatement of the thesis statement.

An examination of the possibilities for libertarian feminism, taking the feminist thought of the 19th century radical individualists as an example and a guide. We find that the radical libertarian critique of statism and the radical feminist critique of patriarchy are complementary, not contradictory, and we discuss some of the confusions that lead many libertarians--including many libertarian.

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While many would take issue with that definition, it is nevertheless true that in many ways, it really is a fear of homosexuality or at least homosexuals, as we will see in this essay.

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