Heart diseases in the philippines

News Heart disease is a term covering any disorder of the heart. Unlike cardiovascular disease, which describes problems with the blood vessels and circulatory system as well as the heart, heart disease refers only issues and deformities in the heart itself.

Heart diseases in the philippines

Researchers studied two heart defects that require neonatal surgery.

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With hypoplastic left heart syndrome, the left side of the heart is underdeveloped in the womb, and the aorta and left ventricle are too small. And with d-transposition of the great arteries, two of the main arteries are connected to the wrong side of the heart.

In the case of both, the researchers found less-favorable rates of mortality for Hispanic infants than for non-Hispanic white infants with the same conditions, report report in the new study, published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Congenital heart disease affects nearly 1 percent of births -- about 40, babies -- in the United States each year. About 25 percent them have a critical CHD, and they generally need surgery or other procedures in their first year of life. Prenatal gene editing treats congenital disease in mice "The findings from this paper begin to increase our awareness of non-medical factors that can impact the outcome of children with complex congenital heart disease," Dr.

Shabnam Peyvandi, an assistant professor at the University of California, San Francisco, said in a press release. The research is consistent with other studies. Hispanic infants had less favorable outcomes in one-year mortality or the number of readmissions up to 1 year of age as compared with non-Hispanic white infants with the same defects.

In the latest study, researchers studied the outcomes and key socioeconomic variables from a database maintained by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.

It includes data on 3. The study only included gestational age 22 to 42 completed weeks and researchers excluded those with other major structural birth defects aside from the two they were focused on. The researchers found Hispanic mothers were younger, had fewer years of education, higher rates of public insurance, lived in cities and their infants were more likely to have been born in community hospitals.

Infants born to Hispanic mothers were also found to be smaller for their gestational age.

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Only 22 percent of Hispanic mothers had more than 12 years of school, compared with 70 percent for non-Hispanic white mothers. And 69 percent of non-Hispanic white mothers had private insurance coverage compared with RELATED Study links heart defects to genetic mutations at birth The researchers also note that income, access to care and occupation could have contributed to a large percentage of the disparity.Some factors, such as an increasing life span, naturally increase the incidence of diseases such as CAD, stroke, and heart disease.

But many of the diseases on this list are preventable and treatable. Heart ailments are still the most fatal and most common diseases in the Philippines, according to the country’s Department of Health.

Called the “silent epidemic” by former Health Undersecretary Teodoro Herbosa, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) have topped the list of most common diseases in the Philippines over the past few years. Heart and Stroke Association Statistics Heart and Stroke Statistics Each year, the American Heart Association, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and other government agencies, compiles up-to-date statistics on heart disease, stroke and other vascular diseases in the Heart .

14 Chockalingam A, Balaguer-Vinto I, eds. Impending Global Pandemic of Cardiovascular Diseases: Challenges and Opportunities for the Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Diseases in Developing Countries and Economies in Transition.

World Heart Federation. Sep 30,  · Sep. 10, — A severe heart attack, however, can cause chronic and sustained inflammation that leads to heart failure and death. In mouse experiments, scientists now have shown a way to hit.

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Heart diseases in the philippines
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