How to write a google review for a business

From finding businesses nearby to planning itineraries for upcoming trips to looking up a forgotten phone number, we plug keywords into Google to help us with anything we want to know. Since Google reviews are obviously favoured by the search engine and show up upon every relevant result, if your business wants to have a good presence on Google, the best place to start is by getting more Google reviews. A quick Google search shows me a list of restaurants in the area that serve brunch.

How to write a google review for a business

First copy the url above to a text editor then enter your business name as a search. To do that just take your business name and insert a plus sign between the words in your business name to get the search term. If you have a one word business name you do not need a plus sign.

In order to find the number that is the next item in red you will need to log into your Google My Business page. Then click on the Google Maps icon to view your site on Google Maps.

Then quickly copy the cid number of your page and insert it into the URL above in place of the number highlighted in red. Once you do this you are done and ready to use your new URL! Just create an image to link it to or use it to link text. It has the same information but if you like video better you can see it here: As the search engines evolve they become more aware of what constitutes quality content.

A few years ago unscrupulous website owners could easily manipulate how their poor quality or spammy content was perceived by search engines through creating artificial links to their sites and other methods. This is much harder now and doing these old school types of link building will result in your site not appearing as high in search results or even disappearing altogether.

In my last article I took a look at a somewhat new feature in how search engines determine quality content; social signals. There are many types of social signals that search engines can look at on different platforms.

These types of signals may include, number of followers, likes, shares, mentions and reviews.

how to write a google review for a business

Reviews may be one of the most important social signals for search engines to be aware of. Additionally, customer reviews may be one of the hardest types of social signals for the ever present unscrupulous business owner to artificially manipulate. There are various places on the web that customers can leave reviews for businesses.

Major brands are trying to leverage the power of reviews too. Rather than just the common type of Google Plus button that, when clicked on, opens a new page for the user with your Google My Business page in it I thought I would add a bit of extra functionality.

With the button I am going to show you how to make not only will the person who clicks on the button be taken to your Google My Business page but the review box on that page will automatically open see image above so that they can more easily fill it out and submit it.

Google Plus Review Button: Step 1 First off you need to have a Google My Business page for your business. If you do not already have one you can go to this page and set one up. For those of you who already have a Google My business page the first step is to get the right link from that page so that, when visitors click on your review button, the review box opens automatically for them.

Go to your Google My Business page and copy the page url for the landing page. Either can be used for the purposes of this project. Just copy your url from the last part of step 1 and paste it into your browser.Update Google Reviews on Desktop.

To review a place on web/desktop, first search the location you are looking for in Google. Once loaded, you’ll find a card for the place on the right and under the details, there will be a button labelled “Write a Review”.

If the company already has reviews, it is easier. Simply click on the “Write a Review” in search results (underlined in blue). If there aren’t reviews, you’ll have to click on “Google+ Page” (underlined in red) and continue to Step 5.

How to Write a Google Review for a Local Business

Step 5: Write a review from the Google + business page. Once you land on the Google + business page, you’ll see some tabs at the top. You should select “About”. When you do, . One of the factors Google considers in determining your business listing ranking is the number of customer reviews.

Because of this, one of the first things we have clients do when working on improving rankings of a Local Business page is contact past customers and ask for reviews.

How to Write a Great Review Have you ever reviewed a business on Google+ Local? Try it out! It’s a great way to share your opinions, help out other people and keep track of where you’ve dined, shopped or had a nightcap. AdWords is now Google Ads. Our new name reflects the full range of advertising options we offer across Search, Display, YouTube, and more.

How To Get Great Online Reviews Of Your Business

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How to Write a Review on Google + As a Business