My passion is writing art

Do you remember when you just loved to create? Do you remember that feeling of being lost inside your imagination while the rest of the world dropped away? When exactly did you lose that? When did creating your art become something less than it was supposed to be?

My passion is writing art

Daily Action Sometimes the words flow seamlessly as your fingers dance across the keyboard or glide across the page. How ever you feel in this moment, if you wish to create, the finest decision you can make for your writing is to practice every day.

There is power in consistent action, a power that swiftly becomes its own motivation. Even if you only have time to write words a day, it swiftly builds up no matter how humble your daily word count is. Click To Tweet Dancing too Close No one enjoys the creative unease that occurs when we become a little too concerned with the outcome.

The mind likes to find solutions and solve puzzles, lingering too long in uncertainty can become its own vicious cycle.

How It Works

If you find yourself struggling to voice the words you wish to, you are not letting yourself go into the process and allowing your true voice to speak. The nectar is still there but deep underneath and any anxieties can lead to an over analysis of your writing.

So instead of stepping on feet, allow your writing to dance by gracing it with the space and freedom it needs to flourish. You can always edit later but as Nora Roberts so rightly said, you cannot edit a blank page.

my passion is writing art

Equally, other long writing projects can cause our passion to waver. Scribble on the manuscript as you go if you see anything you want to change. And you do it all one word at a time.

Dig them out and find what got you excited in the first place. Of course, some of it may be nonsense but frequently leads to encountering gems. The act of creating anything is always nurturing to your passion and your projects. Instead of pausing to analyse, keep writing.

my passion is writing art

Of course it may not always be wonderful writing but to have written at all will increase your craft and ability, while increasing the habit, and thus likelihood of you writing regularly. Trust often starts out as a simple decision. When your writing is thwarted by apprehension of the final product it can feel strained.

The critical part of your mind can inevitably attempt to thwart your progress but keep going and write. Doubt always kills creativity but trust is the carrot that lures your wonderful words onto the page.

Whichever time of day you find you are at your best, try to schedule in your creative work then for optimum results.

I've lost my passion :( : writing

That way, my muse always knows where and when to find me. Remind yourself that you are the one producing the great creative work. You are the one who worked hard to get here. Think of your writing as an essential part of your day like brushing your teeth. Instead of resisting, you write.

Beginnings bring the creative fuel you need to continue.Announcing! THE GAME OF HOPE For the stepdaughter of Napoleon, nothing is easy—especially love. A Young Adult novel based on the teen years of Josephine Bonaparte’s daughter Hortense. - My definition of art is imagination and passion expressed by creating a visual feature.

I consider art to be a figurative of the imagination because everything starts with thought. People create life by thinking of ways to develop; this then creates art. Sep 20, Explore Victoria Sunshine's board "My Passion-My Art" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Writing a book, Writing tips and Creative writing.

Here is your paragraph on My Passion! We often hear the word Passion, but have never thought or tried to understand in depth about it. We all have an inner liking to certain kind of art or act, that really drives us crazy and we love doing it.

I have been lucky to have discovered my thing, my art. Owing to my art, I have been lucky to have discovered parts of me, to live every day a little better than I did the previous day.

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Daily Action

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