Presentation gentrification

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Presentation gentrification

Marine Drive station in Vancouver on opening day High-rises have since been built around the station Edmonton, Alberta[ edit ] Most of the suburban high rises were not along major rail lines like other cities until recently, when there has been incentive to do so.

It will include low to high rise condos, recreational services, shops, restaurants, and a fitness centre. Edmonton has also had a transit-proximate development for some time in the northeastern suburbs at Clareview which includes a large park and ride, and low rise apartments among big box stores and associated power center parking.

Edmonton is also looking into some new TODs in various parts of the city. In the northeast, there are plans to redevelop underutilized Presentation gentrification at two sites around existing LRT, Fort Road and Stadium station. These priority areas are a mix of moderate to high-density transit-supportive developments within a metre walking distance of rapid transit stations.

In the period since alone the latter stretch has seen the appearance of a major new shopping centre and the building and occupation of over twenty thousand new units of condominium housing. Since the opening of the Sheppard subway line inthere is a condominium construction boom along the route on Sheppard Avenue East between Yonge Street and Don Mills Road.

Vancouver, British Columbia[ edit ] Vancouver has a strong history of creating new development around its SkyTrain lines [20] and building regional town centres at major stations and transit corridors.

Gentrification PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides

The areas around stations have spurred the development of billions of dollars of high-density real estate, with multiple highrises near the many stations, [20] [21] prompting concerns about rapid gentrification. In phase two of the southwest rapid transit corridor, there will be four more TODs.

Note the mixed-use development from left to right: Parking in this location is limited, relatively expensive, and located underground. For instance, streets' width has been set according to the position of the site.

Presentation gentrification

Transit village development must also preserve the architectural integrity of historically significant buildings. Since the state has made 30 Transit Village designations, which are in different stages of development: The East Busway is a fixed guideway route that offers riders an 8-minute ride from East Liberty to Pittsburgh's Downtown.

New developments in West ValleyFarmingtonMurrayProvoKaysvilleSugarhouse and downtown Salt Lake City have seen rapid growth and construction despite the economic downturn.

The population along the Wasatch Front has reached 1. Transportation infrastructure has been vastly upgraded in the past decade as a result of the Olympic Winter Games and the need to support the growth in population.

This has created a number of transit-oriented commercial and residential projects to be proposed and completed. Local and regional governments [39] encourage transit-oriented development to decrease traffic congestion, protect natural areas, promote public health and increase housing options.For gentrification, normally higher-income people tend to move into lower-income neighborhoods & communities through the process of buying property.

This process changes the dynamic of a community in both negative AND positive effects. Gentrification Interrupted PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides- – Impacts of the Christchurch Earthquakes on Inner City. Revitalisation. John McDonagh, Jacky Bowring, Lincoln University,.

Harvey Perkins, University of Auckland, New Zealand.. Background. Christchurch CBD retail struggling since ’s. ID: “Gentrification, the process by which decline and disinvestments in inner-city neighborhoods are reversed, has emerged as one of the most controversial issues in the urban United States today.

By attracting middle-class residents and spurring investment, gentrification has the potential to revitalize depressed central city neighborhoods. Gentrification definition is - the process of repairing and rebuilding homes and businesses in a deteriorating area (such as an urban neighborhood) accompanied by an influx of middle-class or affluent people and that often results in the displacement of earlier, usually poorer residents.

Mixed results of gentrification so balance is necessary for benefits to be shared Solutions GoAnimate South Boston, Boston North Philadelphia Brooklyn, New York Gentrification Sumka, Howard.

Presentation gentrification

“Neighborhood Revitalization and Displacement: A Review of the Evidence.” Journal of the American Planning Association. no. 4 (): Data Presentation: Radar or Kite Charts. Example: Multi-factor data. Use different radars or kites to compare the four El Raval sites (chart 1), or combine four sets of data onto one radar or kite (chart 2).

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