Scientific temper essay

Kuhn argued that the way that both scientists and the general public need to understand the history of science is Orwellian. Confidence in the status quo is maintained and new recruits are inspired to follow in its lead.

Scientific temper essay

Since humanity became civilized, the thought process continued to evolve and was channelized into scientific temper. Even in the Vedic Age, our country was far ahead of the world in spiritual civilization and the basic concepts of scientific developments were in motion.


The level of Vedic mathematics was high and are recognized even today. We have several institutions which have this as an important part of their syllabus.

Even seven thousand years ago, with the start of the Vedic Age, considered to be the Scientific temper essay civilization, the age of scientific development responsible for the Indian diaspora, we had the basics of the laws expounded by the Great Chanakya.

It was an age of logic and progression, an age of culture and spirituality and the perfect breeding place for science.

Science and civilization are two sides of a coin and without questioning and rational thinking science cannot develop. This is why the Medieaval Age is known as the dark age. When new theories could not be propounded, when feudal lords treated any idea, new or different, as blasphemy or madness, when the philosophers were forced to drink goblets of poison because they thought differently, science was kept in the dark dank cellars, in a static state, away from spying eyes, the age could be nothing else than the most primitive.

It was the developments in the field of science which revolutionized the very concept of socialistic thinking and social norms. Unfortunately there are countries who are rich in mineral wealth but due to dogmatic religious thinking have been restricted to the back alleys in scientific development.

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It is only their close proximity to more civilized nations that have introduces materialistic trends, all due to their buying power. All technologies there are improved and their contribution to science has been zero. Without the power of their old reserves, they would have remained nomads and camel traders.

The power of scientific theories, deductions and development have had effects on literatures of recent ages, specially English literature.

The theories of Darwin, his evolution theories, that of Herbert Spencer and Wallace completely revolutionized the contemporary views about man and society. Faith in the Biblical view of cosmology and creation was shaken and was replaced by the Darwinian theory of evolution through struggle for existence.

Scientific temper essay

This effect made a gradual impact and was the cause of weakening of religious faith. The effects of geological and biological discoveries shook to its depth the old cosmogony and resulted in general spiritual unrest, testified by the skeptical tendencies, all evoked due to scientific research. We are now informed that a atomic division results in the spreading of unlimited energy.

But the experiments and nuclear tests have brought forth dangerous factors like the fact that the atom, once diffused abruptly cannot be controlled by man.

Scientists have now formed the theory that the balance maintained in our galaxy is the manifestation of energy in a balanced manner. The deductions leave our scientific discoveries and theories in the infantile stage.

The vast sea of energy in the galaxies are bewildering compared to this, the total production of energy by man upto date is just infinitesimal. All pride in our scientific advancements come to a grinding halt in the face of this superlative manifestation of energy.

The energy is infinite — infinity is zero, which has no dimension. This is beyond our comprehension and far more powerful that us mortals. However we do find drastic changes for the betterment in human lives due to Science. From the small matchbox which was a revolution in its own time, to dynamite to blast rocks ad clear paths for mountainous road, to fuel meant for blasting rockets into outer space, all have been a part of the continued research and development in marketing the world a better place to live in and the inhabitants more knowledgeable about the universe.

The advent of Television and Computers are the Stars which have definitely enhanced the possibilities of making our world a Global Village, in the true sense of the word. Internet is one of the most remarkable achievements of modern day computer science and software development.

The e-mail and website are a very exciting phenomenon, a boon for all, right from high profile business, to aspiring students in colleges, to simple housewives surfing the net for value based products from all over the world. Instant replies are possible from the other party sitting thousands of kilometers away in a totally different and aliene set up, in a different country.

It was saved the necessity of making expensive telephone calls, sometimes futile. It has been a wonder solution to parents who can communicate with their children studying or married in distant countries. There are several items of regular use developed by science which has definitely made life easier for humanity.Scientific temper is a way of life - an individual and social process of thinking and acting - which uses a scientific method, which may include questioning, observing physical reality, testing, hypothesizing, analysing, and communicating (not necessarily in that order).

Essay on the effects of Science on Humanity. Since humanity became civilized, the thought process continued to evolve and was channelized into scientific temper. Even in the Vedic Age, our country was far ahead of the world in spiritual civilization and the basic concepts of scientific developments.

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objectives of the science essay writing competition are as follows: (i) To inculcate scientific temper in young minds. (ii) To encourage students to think on the broader aspects of science and apply it.

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May for a time seem foul, it seems impossible to say. Independence Day on July 4, the more homogeneous a essay on developing scientific temper of people are in their thinking, she only glows when illuminated with the correct light.

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