Tha national debt

Rituraj shrivastav March 5,3: I am rituraj mene aap ki bhut movie deki he mere faimely ke sab membar aap ko like kar te he sir aap muje ek chans de muje pata aap har jarurat mand inshan ki madad kar ne wale Agar film city sab apne bache ya apne bhatije ko film aad kare ge to hamara no. Kab aaye ga aap hame ek chans dekar deko sir plz? I m in trouble to survive my family as jobless since last six months.

Tha national debt

I have been recently bombarded with calls, Emails, texts and home phone calls from Akinka Preston. Anything up to 50 calls and 30 texts and countless Emails per day. I will attempt to explain quickly what happened, I was with TalkTalk internet, their systems were hacked last year and customer details were stolen, my problems started here, my phone was suddenly ringing with scammers attempting to be from Microsoft stating my system had virusses and they will fix it, Tax men sating I will be arrested if I did not pay an outdated tax bill Tha national debt.

I ended up changing my phone numbers etc.

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Akinika Preston state that I owe money to Ebay I have never in my life shopped on the internet, I use the internet only to speak on Skype to my daughter's family in Australia and receive Emails from family members I am 86 and not very computer savvy Anyway I phoned this Akinika Preston, the guy on the phone was very rude when I would not give any of my details to them i.

I have no contracts with Akinika, never bought anything from them, they have even given me a customer number when I have never had anything to do with them. How can a company demand money from so called customers when they have no contracts, surely if I had bought from Ebay, which I have not ,, the contract would be with them, not Akinika.

I think this is another scam, they are not having my personal details over the phone as I do not know them, the guy said it was for data protection, but I have to protect my data by not giving it out to everyone willy nilly.

Found Nicola Syms from head office on Facebook Nicola Syms - Fleetwood.

Tha national debt

Several other staff are on LinkedIn. Easy to see why they are so amateur when you see the 'types' involved with them. We have explained that we are not this person and have asked on numerous occasions for our number to be deleted, this is always promised but never happens.

I feel every one who receives a call from them should call the police and state that you are receiving nuisance calls from them business 0.

Just had an email from them, asking me to contact them urgently, They told me my TV licence had been taken back. I contacted the TV licence people who had no knowledge of this and assured me I was payed up until nect year. Phoned Akinika straight away asked by a man how I would like to pay said TV licence.

Then he put me on hold. A lady came next said it was an outstanding debt for another company, that I had never heard off. Then tried to convince me it was an outstanding debt for another company. Do not trust these people. Do not pay them anything unless you have something in writing. Do not give your details to them.

They didn't cancel and I was put into an unauthorised overdraft resulting in calls from Akinika who discussed the account with my son who has the same name as me. Dont give in to he bullies! It is very difficult to take the message business 0.

I don't know what to do. Thet sent a debt letter to the wrong person. My company Bourne collections has a reposession order for the entire company inc all staff assets and properties. Hence earning them a profit. They need to confirm who they are addressing before proceeding -if they phone more than 6 times in a week it is deemed as harassment under the harassment act.

Do not panic, state your age and provide a photocopy of ID via post. As you are not an adult they are committing a crime on a minor and become extremely liable to being sued. You cannot use PayPal under 18, it's their problem you got in, not yours -they are not HMRC, to claim they are is fraud and is just as illegal as you claiming to be a police officer.

This company has liquidised itself before because of its illegal practices. If you do not owe then seek legal advice and record all phone conversations.

Tha national debt

They will quickly drop a case if legal action is involved with zero backing. Remember, they're a private company. I totally understand this company has to chase something unpaid - I had full intention to pay back the company I owed however it was passed to Akinika within days, I payed it in full as soon as that happened.

I had emailed them to tell them to stop the harrasment and to stop calling my number i stated my number in the email so there is no excuses and they continued. If you ever need to repay something, don't make the mistake and pay it through akinika; go to the company themselves and pay it.Mobilisation Marker Bi_Multi Codes objet Purpose codes Type of aid Type of flow Type of finance Channel codes Nature of submission Recipient Agency Donor.

Merger Creates Succession Plan for NABD and a Combined Mega-Conference for the Used Vehicle Industry Arlington, Texas (Dec. 20, ) -- The National Independent Automobile Dealers Association has acquired the assets and operations of the National Alliance of Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers and will merge NABD’s conference and educational services into those of NIADA.

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