Wgu nut1 task 1

Tuesday, August 20, TFT2:

Wgu nut1 task 1

Wgu nut1 task 1

Wondering what problem statement topic you used and how you went about researching it. I am having a hard time.

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WI, US ; Joined: Not the one on wgu's site there is another one. Jan 10, '15 Occupation: For task 1 my research topic was smoking cessation. Since an abundance of research articles and sources cover that topic, I simplified things for myself by selecting something on which many studies have been conducted.

I submitted this assignment yesterday evening, so I am currently waiting for TaskStream to grade it. For task 2 my research topic was the efficacy of bathing patients with plain soap versus chlorhexidine products.

Again, I selected this subject because a multitude of studies have been conducted on it. With the exception of one '3,' I scored all 4s on the rubric grading categories.

Feb 8, '15 Joined: I am taking this course now and it is the most annoying course thus far! I started backwards by completing the second task first because it appeared far less-involved than the first. My topic for the second task was the efficacy of plain soap versus chlorhexidine soap for bathing hospital inpatients.

This task passed on the first submission with all '4' grades in each rubric subsection with the exception of one '3'. My topic for the first task was smoking cessation efforts in healthcare facilities. I had to submit this one twice.

It finally passed on the second submission and was graded far more harshly than my second task on plain soap versus chlorhexidine. Overall, I estimate I spent a total of a week and a half completing these assignments.View Essay - Informatics task leslutinsduphoenix.com from NURSING NUT1 at Western Governors University.

Wgu nut1 task 1

Running head: NUT1 TASK 2 1 NUT1 Task 2 Western Governors University NUT1 Task 2 A. Increase in Quality of. If you are still unable to sign in, please contact the IT service desk. Call and dial 2 for technical support or email us at [email protected] NUT1 Task 1 Western Governors University NUT1 NUT1 Task 1 What is EMR?

Electronic Medical Records “a paperless, digital and computerized system of maintaining patient data, designed to increase the efficiency and reduce documentation errors by streamlining the process.”(Santiago, n.d., para.

Daniel McCormick, Western Governors University, Information Technology Department, Graduate Student. Studies Instructional Design, Online and Distance Education, and Online Learning.

TDT1 Task 1 10/20/ Western Governors University Mentor: Nina Smith.

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Next Under Unit 1 for Algebra I, to create a way to separate each concept I drug the “Columns” tab over The last page of the website is called “WGU Process Document”, which is the page I utilized to.

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