Writing articles for indian magazines 2015

I love to write, and I can write well, quickly.

Writing articles for indian magazines 2015

You might be surprised. Yes, your audience as a blogger may still be small, but all those hours you spent slaving away on your content has probably honed your writing skills to where you could, in fact, compete with the big boys and girls to write for magazines.

They can send you a lot of traffic. Most magazines that pay well for freelance writing also command a huge readership. Magazines can help you there, too!

writing articles for indian magazines 2015

For example, if you want readers in a particular geographic area, you can write for local magazines that boast followings in that area. If you want readers from a particular industry, you can write for trade publications devoted to that field.

If you want readers who buy a particular product or service, you could write for custom publications reaching those customers. Magazine readers are an entirely different audience than the people surfing the blogosphere.

These readers are all people who might never find out about you outside of their favorite magazines. Even better, many publications, especially online ones, run a bio box at the end of your article where you can trumpet your credentials and lead people to your blog.

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They can be lucrative gigs. Those are the ones you want to write for. How cool is that? They can help you land other well-paying gigs. You can use published articles as clips, or samples, to show to potential clients in all writing areas. Copywriting clients, for example, like to know you understand the ins and outs of journalism and have the skills to weave a narrative and tell a good story.

writing articles for indian magazines 2015

Just what they want you to do with their products! Your article writing can also turn into speaking gigs. If a conference organizer likes one of your articles in their industry trade pub, they might ask you to turn your article into a speech, giving you not only more exposure, but a nice speaking fee too!

One of my very first articles, in a national business magazine, led to a speaking opportunity at a Chamber of Commerce in Pennsylvania. Who wants to buy my articles?

You already know about the big magazines that populate the newsstand, so let me share two super-secret markets out there for writers: These magazines tell readers how to best manage, market, and generally boost the success of their businesses.

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